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Valuations used to assist in transactions can often times be reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service or state governmental agencies. Transactions, such as, stock divestitures, stock for services, estate & gift or employee stock option plans can be examined by these governmental authorities with a view towards increasing tax revenues.

On our staff we have a former IRS Appeals Officer with 25 years of experience negotiating settlements with the public. We can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service or state government from the time you are initially contacted for audit through the administrative appeals process. We are familiar with the IRS examination procedures and are experienced in negotiating a fair settlement with the IRS Appeals Office. We research your issues and advise you where you would stand in the Tax Court, District Court or in your Circuit Court of Appeals.

We can help you develop your case for presentation before an IRS Examiner, Appeals Officer or other such agent. We can also review your position prior to filing and advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your position and what can be done to strengthen your position. A quality, complete, and reasonable submission to the government can prevent a costly and time consuming examination.

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